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Creating an Online Survey Form

For this assignment, you will design an online survey form using HTML and CSS. The survey form should collect user feedback on a topic of your choice. Here are the requirements for the survey form:

  1. Survey Introduction:Start the survey with a title and a brief description of the purpose of the survey.
  2. Questions:Include at least five different types of questions, such as multiple-choice, checkboxes, radio buttons, text input, and a dropdown menu.
    Ensure each question has an appropriate label.
  3. Validation:Implement basic form validation to ensure that required questions are answered before submitting the form.
    Provide clear error messages for incomplete or incorrect responses.
  4. Submit Button:Include a “Submit” button that users can click to submit their responses.
  5. Styling:Apply CSS to style your survey form, making it visually appealing and user-friendly.


  • Use HTML form elements and attributes to structure and create the survey form.
  • Utilize CSS to style the form, labels, and buttons consistently.
  • Test the form on different browsers to ensure compatibility.
  • Validate the form’s functionality to handle user input correctly.

Submission: Submit both assignments as separate HTML and CSS files in a ZIP folder. Include any additional media or resources used in the projects. Write a brief explanation of your design choices and the thought process behind your implementation.

Remember to adhere to best practices, accessibility standards, and code organization for both assignments. Happy coding!

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